The Twins

pangzi: The Celestial Capital Peak Welcome Song Huangshan

On the northern peak of Mount Song, in the ruins of the Shaolin Monastery,  Lies a pale old man named Yang. Yang has two grandchildren, one dark-skinned boy named Eezy, and his slightly lighter twin brother Cole. Yang has been training Eezy and Cole in martial arts their entire lives. This has included sparring and different physical and mental activities. This has lead to them developing quite a healthy rivalry. Cole and Eezy one day discover a small village near the bottom of the mountain when they arrive.  The people are struggling and no longer have any food or drink. Because of their pity for the villagers, they had a competition to see who could retrieve the most food and find the nearest stream, or lake in relation to the village. They both gather 15 wild boars each and locate the stream at the same time. This was their 100th tie. The villagers thank the twins for their generosity and they both go back up. The next morning, as Eezy and Cole are sleeping, Yang goes down the mountain, in order to gather tea leaves and water. Something he has been doing for over 50 years. When the boys wake up, Yang is not there. They decide that its nothing urgent. They wait a week, the longest they have ever gone without him. They realize that something must have gone wrong and they venture out in order to look for him. They end up in the village that they had saved a week prior, and they find Yang, laying on a burning crucifix. His body cut, and his flesh beaten off his back. They read the word “scum”, written in blood on his forehead, as the smell of as the smell of ashes fills their noses. What happens next?



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